Factors to consider when choosing a new style:

What hair type have I got?

Different hair types are more suitable for certain styles, so have a good talk with your stylist before you commit to a new look, telling them as much as possible about your hair. He or she will help you identify not only your hair type, but also the kinds of style that will work best with it (please see our hair type section).

What’s my face shape?

The easiest way to identify your face shape is to carefully draw round the reflection of your face (not hair) in the mirror with lipstick. Once identified, our face shape page can help you choose the right kind of style for your face shape. Always tell your stylist if you wear glasses, as this can affect what will suit you.

A hairstyle for my lifestyle

Think about how much time and money you are prepared to devote to your hair before you make your choice. Remember, bold colours need regular touch-ups, and outdoor people will soon tire of a high maintenance look.

What can I achieve with my hair length?

Be realistic about what you can achieve with your hair length. If your hair is short, the only way you are going to achieve a sharp bob or long flowing locks is with costly hair extensions!

How short should I go?

Short hair is a fabulous choice for people with a busy life, saving hours of time in front of the mirror in the morning. It works particularly well for oval, round and heart-shaped faces, and those with small features (please see out face shape section).

Fringe benefits

There are many benefits to choosing a fringe – they can soften your face, give it definition, disguise a high forehead, and can even help you hide wrinkles! And the good news is there is a fringe to suit every face shape and hair type.

Should I opt for layers?

Layers are great for adding movement and texture to fine hair, and for thinning out thicker hair, making it easier to style. They also add a touch of femininity to round, long or angular face shapes.

Should I try something new?

Everybody needs a change sometimes, but remember – a really radical restyle could mean a new wardrobe and make-up. If a radical new look if what you are after, think carefully about slavishly following the latest trends and colours. The most important thing is that your choice suits you.

How can I get shiny hair?

There is no replacement for a good hair care routine and a healthy diet, but a good deep conditioning treatment will give your hair a shine boost. For an immediate solution, try an all-over semi-permanent tone.

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