General Styling Product Tips

Always rub the product into your hands prior to application. Run the product through your hair evenly, starting at the roots and working outwards to the ends. Remember to use much smaller amounts of product the finer your hair is as it will weigh the hair down too much and correspondingly use more on thicker or dryer hair to smooth the hair out.

Don’t forget to use the correct brush for your hair, ask your hairdresser what would suit your needs or check out our brush guide.

Product Types and Uses

Serum – a shine and softening product particularly good for thick or naturally curly hair but good on most hair types except fine hair. Some serums are used on wet hair and help smooth out the hair, taming frizz, whilst you blow dry. Other serums work well as finishing products on dry hair adding shine and smoothing out the hair. To do this use a small amount of product and work into your hands and smooth through the hair after blow drying. Too much serum can make the hair appear greasy so remember to minimise how much you use.


A mixture of organic oils that leaves hair manageable, smooth, flexible, silky soft and with a spectacular shine. A amazing product smoothed into the hair and left in it will control frizz and makes even the most damaged hair feel silky smooth.

Leave-In Conditioner 

Used to detangle, de-frizz, moisturise and increase volume. Can be used in wet or dry hair. Some leave-in conditioners help define curly or wavy hair. It is also good as a second day re-styler. Some leave-in conditioners can help to product your hair from UV rays and also prolong colour intensity. Generally a leave-in conditioner will help your hair retain moisture during or after styling.


Use a gel in wet hair to add stiffness to the style. Used mainly on shorter styles for firm hold. Gel can also be used to create a Wet Look style if applied to the hair and allowed to dry in.


Normally applied on wet hair before drying. Mousse works better if it is applied to the roots of the hair and then the hair is blow dried with a brush. Excellent on fine hair that requires extra lift, texture and volume at the roots.


These are finishing products designed to give separation and definition to your hair. They are good for all hair types and work particularly well on layered or textured hair.


Two distinct types strong humectants based conditioners are for thick or dry hair they contain softening agents to smooth the hair and give shine. Protein based conditioners have less pronounced softening agents and will take static away to give the hair shine and manageability. All conditioners protect the hair against heat damage particularly with straightness.


Two distinct types strong or light cleansing. Most of the time unless your hair is greasy or weighed down by product build up; use a mild shampoo for all hair types.

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