How do I make the most of my curls?

Make sure your stylist has lots of experience with curly hair, as it requires particular techniques. The hair length shrinks when cut and this needs to be allowed for in the initial cutting process. Also the balance of the shape has to be cut totally differently to straight hair.

Curly hair is also often prone to be frizzy and dry. When you dry your hair be gentle, don’t blast the hair with the dryer, use a diffuser or low setting on your dryer and gently crunch the curls with your hands. Using a serum will help soften and give shine to your hair but if you want more dramatic curls, use a light mouse or gel during the drying process. After drying wax can add some definition to the curls and hair spray on the finished result keeps the curls in the hair.

How Do I Control My Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair indicates a lack of moisture and natural oil in the hairshafts. Since your hair shafts are naturally absorbent, the moisture in the air settles into the hair making the shafts stand up and look frizzy. You need to get adequate nutrition through a balanced diet as lack of protein can cause frizz and drink lots of water everyday; water hydrates the body as well as the hair.

The most important thing in treating frizzy hair is to use appropriate hair care products for your hair. Your best choice will be a moisturising shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. If your hair is prone to frizzing you shouldn’t wash your hair every day as doing so can damage and dry it even more. Washing your hair twice a week should be enough to keep it clean and healthy-looking. Rinse your hair with cold water after the conditioner to lock down the cuticles and prevent frizzing.

Doing a deep conditioning treatment once or twice a month is the best way to tame frizzing. A deep-conditioning treatment will restore and repair your hair, making it smooth, soft and well-hydrated.

Limit blow-drying your hair to once or twice a week because frequent blow-drying, curling or straightening your hair can seriously damage your hair and cause frizzing, using a heat protecting product can help to prevent some of this damage. Never run the dryer over the hair up and down as doing so may cause split ends and frizzing. It’s better to let your hair dry naturally as often as you can.

Style your hair with silicone-based products but never apply too much as it can make your hair look greasy, dirty and can make it frizz even more. There are some great de-frizz (anti-frizz) creams, serums, gels on the market that reduce frizzing. Apply the product only over the problem areas of your hair and distribute it evenly. The de-frizzing products remove frizz permanently and restore the shine of the hair, providing protection against humidity. They can be applied on wet or dry hair. Always apply de-frizz products before styling your hair. You can also use a pomade, designed for curly hair to tame frizzing and apply only a small amount, spreading it evenly throughout the hair. Apply the pomade on slightly damp hair and allow it to dry before styling your hair.

Never brush your hair if it’s prone to frizzing even if your hair is straight. Instead use a wide-toothed comb to style your hair. Using hair brush may cause split ends and can make your hair frizz even more.

How Do I reduce the fullness of my thick hair?

Here at Artizan we don’t recommend thinning of the hair because this can dry the hair and create split ends. Thick hair needs the correct cut and particular attention needs to be paid to the condition of the hair.

Always use strong humectant (moisturising) conditioners and low cleansing shampoos and when drying use a serum which will soften the hair and gives it much needed shine. To dry thick hair use a paddle brush. This is a large flat brush which is easy to use. Holding the brush in your hair, follow the brush slowly with the dryer, the process to smooth your hair is the heating up of the hair followed by the cooling, so take your time. Hold the brush in your hair for a few seconds without heat to allow the hair to cool down. Finish the hair off with another application of serum of a light wax for separation.

What is the best way to increase the volume of my thin hair?

Choose your style carefully, have a cut that works well for your hair. There are two particular problems that come with thin hair either the hair is dull and lifeless or static and clinging to the head.

If your hair is dull this is a build up of products, wax, gels or conditioner. Use a strong cleansing shampoo to strip the hair of any build up of products. Go back to using mild shampoo and conditioners from now on.

If the hair is flyaway or flat your hair has been over cleansed, leave it for two days before shampooing then use a very mild shampoo and conditioner.

When drying thin hair get plenty of heat on the roots by lifting the hair from the scalp either using a brush or fingers. This will help to give the hair much needed lift.A

fter drying finish your hair with only the mildest products i.e wax, gel or mouse and use very sparingly.

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