What do hairdressers mean?

Ever wondered just what your hairdressing is talking about? Here are a few ‘hairdressing terms’ explained:

Warmer colour – Adding in red, copper or gold tones into the hair.

Breaking up the colour – Creating more contrast within the shades of an even and monotone colour to break it up and create more depth and interest.

Cooler shades – Adding in ash, silvery tones to take brassiness or yellow tones from the hair.

Block colour – full or partial colour applied to the scalp and ends of hair.

Slices – sections isolated in foil coloured in a block colour.

Weaves – Hair weaved out, wrapped in foil and coloured

Highlights – Weaved foil colour for lightening hair.

Lowlights – Weaved foil colour for darkening hair.

Graduation – Cutting hair from a longer length to shorter length underneath a good example is a graduated bob where it’s heavy on top and taken short in the nape.

Club cut – Cutting the hair bluntly i.e. one length bob.

Texturising – Cutting in to hair to break up to give texture and lift.

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