Emily, a stylist at New Reflections Salon in Minnesota, shows you a fun technique that will create uniform, even waves by creating and then releasing French braids. This style looks great on both medium and long hair.

Starting with shampooed and towel-dried hair, apply Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep all over your hair for weightless volume. Comb it through to ensure even coverage. Adding Phomollient gives your hair medium hold. Apply it at the roots and work down to the ends.

After drying your hair to about 50%, part your hair into separate pieces both vertically and horizontally. This will prep your hair for four braids, but you can create more, depending on the style you’re looking for. Begin your first braid with three even strands. After a few passes, add a bit of hair during each step, always crossing over the middle. Repeat this all the way down your head. Secure it with an elastic once you’re done and repeat for each section.

Now that you’re done braiding, it’s time to blow-dry your hair. Remember to point your dryer downward to prevent frizz. Remove your elastics and loosen up your braids. Use a diffuser to blow dry again. Add a few curls and twists to the end using a curling rod. Lock in your look with Aveda Control Force, tousling your hair as you spray.

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