Key ServicesDirectorSenior Head StylistHead StylistSenior StylistStylistAcademy Stylist
Cut & Blow Dry£62-65£58£54-55£47£38£22
Men’s Cut & Blow Dry£43£40£40£36£29£15
Blow Dry£32£30£29£27£23£15
Full Head of Foils*£99£99£96£90£83
Half Head of Foils*£75£75£72£68£63
Partial Foils*£50£50£45£40£38
Half Head & Tint*£110£100£93£86£83
Partial Foils & Tint*£98£98£81£78£73
Root Tint – Full Head of Foils*£50-65£50-65£48-63£44-59£42-57
Bleach Regrow*£46£46£42£40
Bleach and Tone*£75 approx



Aged 0-6, £20

Aged 7-10, £24

Aged 11-14, £33

Students 10% off adult prices

Wedding Hair Guide

Just the bride (in salon) – £150

Bride trial and hair on the day including champagne and Aveda hand massage.

Just the bride (your location) – £250

Bride & Company (in salon) – £350

Bride and 2 Bridesmaids trial. Bride and 2 Bridesmaides, Mother of Bride on the day, champagne and hand massage.

Bride & Company (your location) – £550

NB Please speak to the stylist for your individual requirements as these packages are a guide only.

Other Services

Hair Extensions

On quotation – book a free consultation

Occasion Hair

Hair up – £35